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Svetlana and Ugo, Moscow (December 8-9, 2010)

We have spent two wonderful days at this cosy, friendly, exraordinary clean, and beautiful house. It is located very conveniently in the very heart of the town, within the walking distance from the town's main sightseeing sites. It is very quiet.The rooms are large and very comfortable with hand-made furniture and various hand-made nice things, like bed lamps etc. We have a feeling that we have visited our old very dear friends, the atmosphere created by Vlad and Elena was very warm indeed. The abundant and delicious breakfast is unforgettable! And we must add that the available Wi-Fi is, of course, quite useful.

JUlja and Sergey, Moscow (on September, 9-12th 2009г.)

Had a rest with the husband in the Guest house of Petrovyh on September, 9-12th 2009г. All very much was pleasant! The house is located in the centre. In a court yard all uhozheno, lawns podstrizheny, are placed decorative figures, small prudik... There is a parking lot. We occupied a family room on the second floor. Also all is thought over also anything superfluous: a bed with linen linen, bedside tables, fixtures, a refrigerator, a locker, the TV with satellite channels. On a window sill florets! The separate attention is deserved by breakfasts! What at Elena tasty pancakes, cheesecakes! Grassy tea! All is very sincere, home-style! Also submit a breakfast by then what to you is convenient! Besides, there is a microwave, a teapot, it is possible to drink at any time to tea or to warm up to itself something!
By all it is recommended! In hotel you will not meet to yourself such kind relation! And fine owners Vlad and Elena care of your rest!
P.S. On September, 9th we had a wedding. When Vlad with Elena have learnt about it so more and more and have loaded with presents us souvenirs!
Vlad and Elena, thanks you huge! Very much we wish to arrive to you yet once!

Sergey and Marina, Cherepovets (on September, 7th 2009г.)

††We have spent two magnificent days of our travel in this fine and hospitable house. We express huge gratitude to owners - to Vlad and Elena for a cosiness, warm atmosphere and comfort which they create the hands for the visitors. We will long recollect these remarkable days - on September, 3-5rd, 2009.
We wish to wish good-natured owners of this wonderful house of prosperity. Sincerely we envy your future visitors and we hope to visit you again.

Oleg, Lena, Lesha, Anja, Sergey (on August, 30th 2009г.)

Last days off of summer in Suzdal have decided to spend with friends. After small monitoring of offers on placing, have stopped the choice on this guest house and then for one second have not regretted! The house is located in the centre, there is a parking lot, beautiful lawns, a wonderful flower garden, all uhozheno. We occupied completely the second floor, there all is very beautiful, cosy, there are refrigerators in each room, a microwave, the hair dryer!! The good shower, two toilets. And all that has been listed above. The corkscrew :) too is =) well and in the morning we expected an excellent breakfast - pancakes, honey, sour cream, tea on grasses! Mmm, it is tasty very much Owners :) remarkable, friendly people, live in the same house, at all without disturbing, all is good, here we still will return! Also we will bring friends :).

Vladimir and Olga, (lived from August, 24 till August, 25th 2009г.)

Had a rest in the guest house of Petrovyh from August, 24 till August, 26th, 2009 all Was pleasant - an excellent arrangement (in the centre of Suzdal), the fine house (furniture from an integral tree, handwork; a convenient bedroom; presence of all necessary and even hardly is more), tasty breakfasts (pancakes especially were pleasant), grassy tea. But most of all, the relation of owners - very warm and hospitable was pleasant. Vlad has personally met us, and the bus driver has thrown out us in the middle weeding already after Suzdal and did not know where we are, and then when we have decided to remain for day, but at them has already been reserved by other people, has helped to move to other guest house. When we will be in Suzdal the following time, with pleasure we will stop again in the guest house of Petrovyh, and also we will advise to friends.

Alexey, Sergey, Olga, Irina, Pierre and Mari, (on August, 12th, 2009)

And we in the guest house of Petrovyh were the company together with our friends from France on August, 9-11th. All lost in admiration!!! To write that was very comfortable and as is at home to write very little. Completely we join the responses stated earlier. We were in many corners of the world, but similar reception we meet for the first time. All have paid attention that simply would not be desirable to leave the house on walks though Suzdal at this time year is very beautiful and original!
Almost everything that we wished to look was "near at hand", and at the same time the house is located in very silent and pure place of a city of Suzdal. To all to all very much we recommend this guest house!!!

Vladimir and Ekaterina, Moscow, (on August, 11th, 2009)

Before a long-awaited trip to Suzdal for the weekend on August, 1-2st 2009 at once there was a question on residing. The placing variant in hotel has disappeared at once as it would be desirable "rural", quiet rest in a small small house (affects dynamical rate of a life in Moscow).
After careful studying of all guest houses in Suzdal, Petrov the house "has stopped a choice on", being guided, first of all, by photos, the budget, a site.
I will tell fairly, the house SHAKING!!! The photos placed on a site, do not reflect to the full its beauty, a cosiness and comfort. Slippers in the form of bast shoes, linen bed-clothes, vkusnejshie breakfasts (the best cheesecakes on a planet!) Ц it is unforgettable!
On 1 floor of the house owner Vlad with the family lives, on 2 floor there are 3 rooms which are intended for tourists. The room spacious, with wooden furniture, TV, DVD, a refrigerator Е Is kitchen set with all necessary ware, a dining table with shops (all wooden!), a microwave, a teapot, tea/coffee Е Repair in the house is made more recently at what the hands and it is very qualitative! It is possible to sit in an arbour in the evening and to fry meat on a brazier.
In general, very much all recommends ЂPetrov the houseї for residing at time of stay in the fine city of Suzdal. You will be pleasantly surprised by hospitality, cleanliness and improbable comfort! Many thanks and greetings to Vlad from us!

Ooze, Sasha, Liza, Dima, (from August, 4 till August, 6th, 2009)

From August, 4 till August, 6th, on arrival in Suzdal, we have stopped in this cosy guest house. Hospitable owners Vlad and Elena have met us in Russian hospitably. In our disposal there was all second floor: 2 bedrooms, the big kitchen-dining room, two bathrooms one of them is equipped by a per capita cabin. Rooms spacious, with wooden furniture, satellite TV. A site very well-groomed. Also there there is an arbour, a brazier, a children's playground and many tasty apples. One more plus of this house, that it is located it is subcentral (approximately 3 minutes of walking), thanks to it we have visited everywhere where wanted. To all we recommend this guest house!!

Dmitry (on May, 16th, 2009)

We had a rest in Suzdal since May, 4-6th 2009 and have solved will stop in Petrovom the house.
In the house Very comfortably, cosy, purely, with all conveniences, but the most important thing is benevolent and a careful altitude of owners. The house is located in general ideally, to city centre no distance, thanks to it we have visited all sights of a city. Thanks for rest!!
The address: Suzdal, a lane of Engels, the house 18
© 2009 "Guest Dom Petrovyh"