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Hotel-tourist complex Suzdal are three comfortable hotels of Suzdal: the Hunting lodge, hotel Suzdal and Motels.

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The destiny of Suzdal of this small city similar to a fairy tale is surprising. Located in the centre of the Suzdal area where people were engaged from time immemorial in agriculture, Suzdal passed many stages of rapid growth of cities and has reached our time in the nepovtoyorimom an ancient appearance.Suzdal
Other such meeting of the monuments which have remained in the natural historical environment, harmoniously merged with surrounding landscape, perhaps, not to find. Really not drunk bowl Russian architecture, Russian art!
Today Suzdal is a city-museum open-air. It is simple and is simultaneously mysterious, each time on the new is interesting and at any time year is fine...
Suzdal belongs to ancient cities of Russian Northeast. Its age estimate from 1024 when it is mentioned for the first time in annals.
The destiny of Suzdal is inseparable from historical destinies of Russia. The city knew blossoming and decline times, suffered from enemy invasions, fires, general illnesses, but every time revived inexhaustible energy and will of the people.
We will be very glad, if you have become interested in Suzdal and will arrive to our wonderful and historical city of Suzdal.

Hotels of Suzdal

The majority of today's hotels of Suzdal is constructed recently and have high enough level of comfort. But it was not necessary to forget about the basic tourist complex of a city of Suzdal which it is constructed 40 years ago and was unique hotel in Suzdal. For today the Tourist's centre - is the card of Suzdal, its symbol. The complex structure includes three comfortable hotels of Suzdal: the Hunting lodge, hotel Suzdal and Motels. The tourist centre possesses enough perfect infrastructure with numbers and restaurants for all tastes, modern film concert and conference halls, pool (25 m.) An exercise room, saunas, and also it is possible to drive on three, snowmobile and snowmobiles, to play in bowling and billiards, to become the participant of bicycle rounds and many other things. Hotels of Suzdal are in a quiet place, in a river Kamenka bend, among the marvellous nature and in immediate proximity from set of architectural monuments, the largest are ensembles of Pokrovsk, Spaso-Efimievsky and Aleksandrovsky monasteries.
Among numerous hotels of a city hotel "Suzdal" is the largest as can comfortably place to 700 visitors in numbers of all categories. In a cosy and spacious hall the international and long-distance phones, a round-the-clock bar, a cash dispense, souvenir booths are conveniently located business centre with Internet connection , and also it is possible well will be arranged on convenient sofas.
At restaurant "Suzdal" it is possible to try original dishes of a Russian cuisine, the restaurant can accept more than 350 persons. On top terasse, restaurant "Merchant" on 150 places is located.
For banquets and receptions at your service the Chimney hall on 30 places with the huge forged fireplace of the indescribable beauty, five bars with warm atmosphere and the various menu.
On the basis of an improving complex improving programs are developed: Juicy travel (3 days), the Pace (5 days) and organism Clarification (5 days).
If you have got tired of city vanity, boring offices have bothered? Throw all affairs and come to hotel "Hunting lodge" located in picturesque pine to a pine forest behind village Kideksha that in seven km from Suzdal. In a protected large forest the carved tower ornated by an intricate carving is located. In hotel of 6 numbers on 12 places. This ideal place for the friendly company.

The Golden Ring of Russia - the city of Suzdal, waits for YOU!!
The address: Suzdal, street Korovniki, the house 45
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